This Domain will not be renewed

Good Day to You,

This site has not turned into a successful business. No income is being earned here. In short, I’ve stopped adding content here and will remove it from the web, once the domain name expires.

I will recommend to you one resource working “to share all insights, experiences, and training needed for any individual, company, or enterprise to succeed in the digital space, all free of charge”.

This source it called NOMVO at nomvo.com.

I am still maintaining Pets to Pat at petstopat.com for those of you who may be interested in pets. The site will have some affiliate links, but for the most part will provide valuable information and resources for pet owners and lovers like myself.

Pets to Pat will be replacing Professional Licensing Helper at professionallicensinghelper.com which will also be removed when the domain name expires.

My Best to You