Should we consider Online Reviews?

So why am I so determined to enable you to confirm my product research results, before selling Affiliate Products?

This is all about putting you, the customer FIRST.

thinkingboy outline By ryanlerch – click/tap the image to view the source.
thinkingboy outline By ryanlerch – click/tap the image to view the source.

Good Day to You,

Online reviews are trusted more than you trust the people you know.

Personally, I don’t put much stock in testimonials that are displayed on a website. I’m not a big fan of “blowing my own horn” in the first place.

How do we know the author of the endorsement posted on that webpage, hasn’t been compensated in some way? I’m not trying to say this is “fact”, but I like to know for sure that any review I read, isn’t one written for compensation. Don’t you?

That’s why you won’t see “testimonials”, in the form of endorsements on this site.

Of course, your positive comments are always welcome, even constructive ones are. I want you to share your product experiences. If you have an issue, I want to help you resolve it. Being “stuck with a problem” helps no one. Who wants that!

You are more likely to trust me if you happen to read a positive review about me somewhere else as well, if they are “independent” reviews. We have so many ways to do our “due-diligence” these days. The vast majority of consumers do, and this greatly effects your purchasing decisions.

Common Sources of Business and Product Reviews


Read more about the worth of Online Reviews and the sources of business and product reviews listed above at:

How Much Are Online Reviews Actually Worth? By Isabella Andersen – Social Media Today

Handshake 02 By SOLvera – Click/Tap the image to view the source.
Handshake 02 By SOLvera – Click/Tap the image to view the source.

Making Smart Choices Easier

I didn’t decide to build this concept of providing you with the results of my own research after reading the above post.

I never want you to have to rely on “my say so” alone.

The post referenced above confirms that providing you with a way of confirming my product research results is important to you.

That makes it important to me.

The Reference Link that take you to the source of my results, will also allow you to confirm the results yourself. Making it even easier to do your own follow-up research.

After providing a few findings on the page, I plan to have a free PDF ready for you to download, listing even more results and resources, complete with Resource Links.

Of course, the amount of resources I find, that are relevant to my specific offer will vary. That’s why I plan to include links to my search engine results as well.

What comes last?

A link to my Affiliate’s Sales Page.


Leave a Comment and let me know:

What helps you make purchasing decisions?

Do you have a Review Site of Choice?

My Best to You

Author: Arth Strout

Good Day to You, My wife and I have had pets for the majority of our lives. I’m the “computer person”, although she gives inspiration in the background, she is also a very private person. So am I, when not online. At one point, when we lived in the country and times weren’t so tough, we had three (3) dogs and six (6) cats. So you see my love for pets (all animals) runs deep. I’m a firm believer that the very best relationship we can have with our pets is based upon mutual respect and proper care. Like ourselves, our pets are unique and valuable individuals with feelings. Deserving of the best quality of life. I believe that no one practice or belief is the only or best way to provide a quality of life for ourselves and our pets. Supporting Pet and Family Life Quality - I plan to do this by finding and sharing suggestions to help solve problems. My Best to You Arthur (Arth) Strout 12 Summer St., Apt. 2 Augusta, ME 04330

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