How’s Our Trust Doing?

Let’s talk engagement. What good is marketing, offering you the “best quality” product, if it can’t solve your problems or meet your needs?

Message in a Bottle By j4p4n – Click/tap the image to view the source.
Message in a Bottle By j4p4n – Click/tap the image to view the source.

Good Day to You,

Doing product research isn’t good enough. I can’t solve your problems or serve your needs without asking questions. Not by relying on “tech”, or having hundreds of conversations on social media (ok to a point), but personally asking you these questions. No “lists” or “gimmicks” just us talking and helping each other.

If you’re thinking there’s a “method to my madness”, your right!

The concept for this project was conceived before I read this article, but the post helps to confirm that “Helping First – Selling Later” can really work. Reading this will help you understand what may seem like my “backwards approach” to marketing:

When You’ve Built an Audience You’ll Know What Product to Sell – By Dorie Clark – Entrepreneur

At the end of this “post of questions” you will find a Contact Form. I invite you to use the form to start a private email conversation with me. This is not traditional “list building”. I’m not using automation to send you “canned” or prewritten messages.

You are welcome to leave a “public” comment as well.

I plan to renew this post every now and then. Some questions may change to reflect the changes that take place over time. The intent will remain the same:

To learn from you, how I can help, by researching appropriate products and services, then presenting you with my results. Results that really matter to you.

No “Beating around the Bush”

Being able to “help first” requires that I understand what your needs are, so that finding that help can be researched.

If I can “earn a buck” in the process, great! My eventual goal is to earn money. Yes, that absolutely involves selling products and services. We both know that.

I don’t want to just offer products based on “popularity” or “Return (refund) Rate”. Nor do I want to start looking for a “new” audience, when we are already starting to connect. What a merry go round!

That’s why I started this conversation talking about TRUST.

Message in a Bottle By j4p4n – Click/tap the image to view the source.
Message in a Bottle By j4p4n – Click/tap the image to view the source.

Here are a few questions:

Customer Experience:

Do you feel comfortable connecting with me?

Do you feel my content is consistent?

Have I helped or encouraged you?

What problem would you like me to solve?

Can I help you reach a goal?

How do you feel about being asked these questions?

Do these questions help you relax with me?

Do you believe I’m sincere? (Be honest)

Do you want to ask me a question?

Product Offer Suggestions:

What products would you like me to research?

Do you see me offering a particular category of product or service?

What products or services are you interested in?

What kind of PDF would you like me to write?

Site Vision:

Can you visualize me in the roll of selling something?

Does this concept make sense to you?

Are you a marketer with a product or service (not a “program) that you think would be a good fit here?

Do you see this as the right direction for me, or do you picture me using my skills in a different way?

I sincerely hope we can connect, understand each other. Then solve problems and reach goals together.

Remember, I really mean it:

Helping First – Selling Later

My Best to You

Author: Arth Strout

Good Day to You, My wife and I have had pets for the majority of our lives. I’m the “computer person”, although she gives inspiration in the background, she is also a very private person. So am I, when not online. At one point, when we lived in the country and times weren’t so tough, we had three (3) dogs and six (6) cats. So you see my love for pets (all animals) runs deep. I’m a firm believer that the very best relationship we can have with our pets is based upon mutual respect and proper care. Like ourselves, our pets are unique and valuable individuals with feelings. Deserving of the best quality of life. I believe that no one practice or belief is the only or best way to provide a quality of life for ourselves and our pets. Supporting Pet and Family Life Quality - I plan to do this by finding and sharing suggestions to help solve problems. My Best to You Arthur (Arth) Strout 12 Summer St., Apt. 2 Augusta, ME 04330

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