A good time for training your dog with Love

Good Day to You,

Training our dog or puppy is not a one-time fix.

Our relationship with our pets need to be nurtured, just like with humans.

Don’t let old issues get in the way of your bond!

Learn the VALUE of teaching your dog to FOLLOW you because of MUTUAL RESPECT.  It’s priceless!

Rosebud at 17 yrs March 2014
Rosebud at 17 yrs March 2014

Download this free PDF,

My_Everyday Dog Training Tools By Doggy Day

My_Everyday Dog Training Tools By Doggy Dan (Affiliate)

And get started having the best relationship with your dog ever!

My Best to You

Author: Arth Strout

Good Day to You, My wife and I have had pets for the majority of our lives. I’m the “computer person”, although she gives inspiration in the background, she is also a very private person. So am I, when not online. At one point, when we lived in the country and times weren’t so tough, we had three (3) dogs and six (6) cats. So you see my love for pets (all animals) runs deep. I’m a firm believer that the very best relationship we can have with our pets is based upon mutual respect and proper care. Like ourselves, our pets are unique and valuable individuals with feelings. Deserving of the best quality of life. I believe that no one practice or belief is the only or best way to provide a quality of life for ourselves and our pets. Supporting Pet and Family Life Quality - I plan to do this by finding and sharing suggestions to help solve problems. My Best to You Arthur (Arth) Strout 12 Summer St., Apt. 2 Augusta, ME 04330

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