Cat Home Remedies

Home Remedies for: Fleas; Bladder Inflammation/Cystitis; Vomiting; Hairballs; Bowel Issues

Cat silhouette 01 by yamachem (Click/Tap the image to view the source)
Cat silhouette 01 by yamachem (Click/Tap the image to view the source)

Good Day to You,

One of the most important Life Skills we as pet owners need is the ability to recognize when our cat is not feeling well. If only they could tell us what’s wrong!

We don’t have to be totally blind to the signs that something is wrong, nor do we always have to pay huge vet bills. Here are some things we can consider when we start getting concerned that something is “not quite right”.

The blog this information is coming from is owned by a “group of friends that are united by our passion for (you guessed it right!) CATS!”

I first noticed and started following their blog on Twitter. I have also been fortunate to have connected with Marc-Andre, one of the owners. He belongs to the Cat Lover Group on LinkedIn.

I will offer a brief synopsis of the post “A Few Home Remedies For Cats” on the blog “KATZENWORLD” at:

I highly recommend that you read the post for more details on recognizing symptoms and the recommended treatments to try. Always remember to contact your vet, should you have any lingering doubts about following this advice.


Although this is more of a problem with outdoor cats, if you live in an apartment with other animals in your building, it is possible to have a flea infestation.

The post recommends using an Amber Collar and also “brushing your cat’s coat with a diluted mixture of coconut oil. The post gives details and also links to further information on both.

Bladder Inflammation/Cystitis

Your cat needs to see the vet, to be examined if you are seeing symptoms of bladder problems. If your cat has always been good about using the litter box and suddenly starts marking round, something may be wrong physically.

While at your vet, ask about giving your cat “apple cider vinegar to treat the urinary tract infection”. The post has full details for using this remedy with a link for more information.


If sever vomiting persists, be sure to call the vet.

The post suggests using ice chips in place of water to keep your cat hydrated and to help prevent water from triggering more vomiting.

Here the suggestion is to replace your cat’s normal pet food with “a diet of boiled chicken or hamburger with the fat drained off and rice”. You will find a link to more information on this in the post.

Yum! I wouldn’t mind that diet either!!!

DailySketch: Cats by rejon (Click/Tap the image to view the source)
DailySketch: Cats by rejon (Click/Tap the image to view the source)


If your cat makes occasional “heaving” sounds and appears to be getting ready to vomit, but doesn’t, the most likely cause is hairballs. Cats constantly lick themselves as their natural way of grooming. Loose hair can get balled up and stuck in their throat. Sometimes hairballs can get stuck in the intestines and keep growing, requiring surgery to be removed.

It’s a good idea to get in the routine of using a diet supplement that helps to digest the excess fur. There are a number of products you can purchase, or try one of the following:


“Softened butter or coconut oil”
“Adding a cat-friendly digestive enzyme such as papaya or slippery elm” to the coconut oil”


“High fiber sources”
“Adding a pinch of phyllium husk powder to water”
“Adding a teaspoon of sugarless, spice-free mashed pumpkin to your cat’s food”

The post has more detail and links to more information.

The post notes that too much fiber can counter act the amount of nutrients your cat can absorb. Always ask your vet when in doubt.

Bowel Issues

Most issues with irregular bowel movements can be solved with home remedies, but if they persist, see our vet.


Add a “teaspoon of plain yogurt” to their diet. The post has a link to more information on Probiotics and helping cats recover faster.


Dietary fiber like “psyllium husk or pumpkin can help trigger a bowel movement.
“A small amount of milk” (too much can cause diarrhea).

I would like to thank the folks at Katzenworld for providing such good advice. I also enjoy the blog for their picture articles, shop and product reviews.

Here’s the link to the post again, so you don’t have to scroll back up the page:

My Best to You

Author: Arth Strout

Good Day to You, My wife and I have had pets for the majority of our lives. I’m the “computer person”, although she gives inspiration in the background, she is also a very private person. So am I, when not online. At one point, when we lived in the country and times weren’t so tough, we had three (3) dogs and six (6) cats. So you see my love for pets (all animals) runs deep. I’m a firm believer that the very best relationship we can have with our pets is based upon mutual respect and proper care. Like ourselves, our pets are unique and valuable individuals with feelings. Deserving of the best quality of life. I believe that no one practice or belief is the only or best way to provide a quality of life for ourselves and our pets. Supporting Pet and Family Life Quality - I plan to do this by finding and sharing suggestions to help solve problems. My Best to You Arthur (Arth) Strout 12 Summer St., Apt. 2 Augusta, ME 04330

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