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Good Day to You,

I am retired from State Government with experience in customer service. I’ve also been the owner of dogs and cats for the majority of my life and have a great love of animals, always believing in gentle and consistent treatment and training.

The first 6 months of retirement were spent trying to find my niche online. At last I’ve settled on helping pets and owners as the main focus for my niche and platform for my affiliate marketing efforts.

I’m determined to only offer products and services that are useful, helpful or are of high quality.

The first offer presented has been for an outstanding online dog training video website that teaches 5 Golden Rules as the foundation. When put in place, this training helps to establish us as the pack leader in our dog’s eyes. Your dog recognizes that you make all the decisions for the pack. They are then calm and attentive to commands, making them the pets we always dreamed of.

This dog training is very effective in avoiding or changing behavior that many times ends badly for our pets in the form of giving them up and even euthanasia.

My belief in this training is so strong, that I have paid for a 6 month membership, even though our 18 year old Husky mix has passed away and we currently have no dog, for the first time in 30 years. I am willing to personally demonstrate this dog training method and my membership dashboard to anyone in the Augusta Maine area who is interested.

Rosebud at 17 yrs March 2015
Rosebud at 17 yrs March 2015

Our last pet was also the oldest dog we have ever owned. In the picture above, taken by our sister-in-law while visiting us in the spring of 2015 Rosebud (Rosie for short) was already 17 years old. She passed away a few weeks ago, as of this writing.

So you see my love for pets (all animals) runs deep.

Our family has a lifetime of experiences with many pets, some good and others not so good. We’ve transitioned from country life to apartment living and through economic hard times with our pets.

Rosebud at 17 yrs 07/03/2015
Rosebud at 17 yrs 07/03/2015

I’m also a huge lover of cats. We recently adopted a 14 year old male cat named Max from the shelter. He is slowly learning to trust us. While many techniques involving trust and the gentle winning of confidence are similar in cats and dogs, cats are not “followers of a pack leader” as dogs are and their independent nature requires a different approach.

As of this writing, I have not found a method for cats that equals the dog training method offered. However, my love of animals will not allow me to rest upon offering resources, just to make a profit. I plan to expand upon this topic in the future.

This is why I call myself the Customer First Marketer.

Helping pets and owners first…selling later.

My Best to You
Arth Strout
Customer First Marketer
12 Summer St., Apt. 2
Augusta, ME 04330