About CFM

Good Day to You,

I am a retired Maine State Employee, now building my retirement project.

This is actually my second WordPress.com site. You can view my other blog/website called Professional Licensing Helper at http://professionallicensinghelper.com/.

Like many other marketers, I’ve gone through changes in focus (niche) a few times. Professional Licensing Helper was started before my retirement and it seemed like a logical follow-up to my job as a customer services representative. I’m still thinking of ways to tie it into my new focus, by providing helpful resources to help with pet related licensing for instance.

More recently, this site was created to try and find a new niche. A lot of time has been spent on all kinds of research, including products, marketing, Affiliate marketing and more. While my Twitter following has grown, traffic to this site has not.

I believe the biggest reason for this is not because of the lack of search engine optimization (SEO) alone, but because I’ve been “chasing my tail”, looking for my answers in the wrong place.

Back to Basics

It is highly recommend that we choose a niche based on something that we like to do, like a hobby or work you are already good at and enjoy doing. Then, try to find ways of helping to meet a need or solve a problem that no one else is solving. Basically, find a way to be unique and helpful while growing your business.

Rosebud at 17 yrs March 2015
Rosebud at 17 yrs March 2015

So what now?

Pictured above is the oldest dog we have ever owned. Rosebud (Rosie for short) was already 17 years old when it was taken. You can read more about her, below her picture on the About Arth page.

Now I know that “following my heart” and my niche has a “long tail” that wags.

Having lived with pets most of the years of my life, it is no surprise that I have many life experiences to draw on.

We have a very special bond with our pets. They are family. Even death cannot break that bond. They all live in our hearts.

This is why “Helping pets & owners first” is how my tag line in the header starts. Our pets are not only bonded with us, but somehow that bond is not limited by the barriers we as humans put up.

If only we could be as honest.

Our relationship with our pets are so special aren’t they?

Special in the way they love us, even when we misbehave they readily forgive us, without holding a grudge.

Rosie 01-31-2015
Rosie 01-31-2015

Talk about mutual respect

The respect and love we share with our special family members is returned unconditionally. No judgment, it doesn’t matter that we “were bad”, only that it’s “better now”.

So yes, products will be offered for sale, but only carefully selected ones that have been researched and the results made available to you. It will even be easy for you to confirm the research results yourself.

As our pets are our family, you are welcome to participate in this extended family, bonded by our shared love for our pets.

Use the Contact Form to share your pet’s story.

Do you have a special “PET” cause that can use an online voice and support?

I do and will be telling you more about them, after having some conversations with them so that it can be done right.

I’ll do the same for your cause, after having a chance to verify they are legitimate and can get to know them a little.

If you are one of these organizations and want to talk to me about a landing page and post, please do let me know.

Even with limited income, on retirement pay, a little something goes to a cause each month, though it never seems to be enough and my mailbox is always filled with requests for donations, I have no way to fulfill.

I’m going to contact them with this offer.

If you are connected with one of these organizations, feel free to use the Contact Form to tell me about it.

I can make space here for you, once we talk, the organization is verified and the details are “dugout”. I’m a helper first and sales come later.

Let’s Bond

Do you have a special family pet who you want to have some special online attention?

Use the Contact Form to let me know. It just might become a post on this blog.

Do you as a consumer, have a product that needs to be researched, or that you would like to see offered here? Just let me know.

Are you the owner of a pet product or service that you feel would be a good fit here?
Tell me about it.

I’m looking forward to growing our family of pets, owners and others who care enough to make a difference.

There’s a large family of us with lots of room to grow and become even more bonded.

My Best to You
Arthur (Arth) Strout
Customer First Marketer
12 Summer St., Apt. 2
Augusta, ME 04330